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Unwanted horses in the US
"Unwanted Horses in the US"

Many unwanted horses in the United Estates suffer in hoarding situations or face starvation. This painting represents the relation between Horses and Humans.

Each year, Tens of Thousands of Horses are slaughtered in the US, for Human consumption.

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This is sold as a high-quality color print, glossy paper. Size: 16 x 20 inches (3" white around the painting). Ready to be framed.

Price: $75.00

Shipping flat rate: $10.00

(Ships within the US, only)

Healing Reservoir

A place of healing, the womb of life, meditative vision. Acrylics on wood canvas. 20 x 30 inches.

This is sold as a high-quality canvas print. Size: 24 x 32 inches (painted all around the edges). Ready to be framed or can be hang unframed. (click on thumbnail to view it on a bedroom wall)

Email me for price on original. It has a rustic wooden frame.

Price of high quality canvas print: $225.00


Shipping flat rate: $15.00

(Ships within the US, only)

20x30 side view.png
Example of Healing Reservoir hanging on a bedroom wall. Canvas print.
20x30 side angle view.png
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